There are food supplements whose composition is ideal for anyone wanting to lose weight. They are known and beloved to contain a thermogenic action that helps effectively in weight loss for those who practice exercise, of course. One of the most known in the market is the Muscle Rev Xtreme which promises to burn the most fat correctly.

Muscle Rev Xtreme

A food supplement is very suitable for those who want increased energy, strength, disposition and greater muscle gain in less time is the famous Muscle Rev Xtreme, one of the most popular products in the ranking of Body Building and one of the best nitrogen oxides market. It has a cost benefit too good to be not so expensive compared to tops, as it delivers what it promises with the elements in their composition. It is considered the best pre-workout market.

How Muscle Rev Xtreme works in the body?

The Muscle Rev Xtreme has a formula that promises to be ultra power, so it is strictly necessary consumption of a dose at a time. The technology of its formulation promises increased metabolism all day, taking one capsule per serving, whose formula is released in the body over time. Its consumption causes an increase in energy and disposition, and also acts reprogramming of the body’s receptors, so there is no new accumulation of unnecessary fat.

The Muscle Rev Xtreme can be consumed by healthy adults above twenty-one years of both sexes. It is extremely important to be coupled with an orderly and exercise power, otherwise will not have the desired effects. Because if you want muscle mass, Muscle Rev Xtreme is focused on that and far more effective, since the reaction of glutamine at this point is not questionable and it has been proven technically. If you can consume, inquire with the doctor about their schedules to consume and also that the amount of required daily consumption before, during or after training!

The supplement should not be consumed by: pregnant women or breast-feeding; people with high blood pressure or low pressure; people who use prescription drugs; people with heart problems, kidney or liver; diabetes patients or sensitivity to components of the formula; people with thyroid problems; people who are used MAO-B inhibitors, MAOIs, SSRIs and antidepressants. As Muscle Rev Xtreme contains Glutamine, a natural stimulant, it is recommended the use of it at least 6 hours before bedtime, as it can cause hyperactivity, leading to insomnia. It is also important not to consume any other supplement, food or medicine containing thyroid stimulants, Glutamine or synephrine.

What are the advantages of Muscle Rev Xtreme use?

  • Controls appetite;
  • Promotes greater weight loss;
  • It brings more energy for training;
  • Inhibits fat storage;
  • Originates more focus and concentration;
  • Speeds up the metabolism.

Composition of Muscle Rev Xtreme

It enables the individual to gain muscle faster because Muscle Rev Xtreme increases weight increase capacity more often, waggle routines and customs muscle. Moreover, disposal and provides adequate energy before training, enabling well-practiced drills, but also enhances the energy post-workout replenishment process, reducing fatigue and muscle aches.

It is always important to learn about the composition of products that we consume, after all can have an allergy or other restrictions detrimental to health. This supplement contains in its formula such substances: Arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate; Monohydrate creatine; Beta Alanine; Caffeine; 1,3-Dimethyamylamine and Shizandrol A. elements are extracted from herbs with enzymatic properties that meet the promised by the product, such as fat burning and increased disposal.

  • Caffeine – Promotes concentration in practice, stimulating the central nervous system and promotes the elimination of fat. . Increases resistance to cardiovascular, eliminating retention
  • Arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate – is a diuretic and energetic substance that dilates blood vessels. As caffeine, it is also a stimulant.
  • Monohydrate creatine – increases thermogenesis and hence weight loss. It has energy and digestive action.
  • Beta Alanine – Age in fat cells preventing that there is break in the loss of fat
  • 1,3-Dimethyamylamine and Shizandrol A – Helps to disable fat gain by cells, thus preventing new fat accumulation.

A successful product in Brazil and abroad

It does not contain sugar, or calories or maltodextrin, or magnesium or artificial coloring. It has enough concentrated formula and even choice of different flavors, not being rejected by most palates who complain about the taste of many other dietary supplements.

It’s a real success abroad as well as in Brazil, but faces controversial ban for risk of containing amphetamine in its composition, which is detected by doping tests in competitions but also does nothing well to the body. The US military make use of Muscle Rev Xtreme, which perform examination period in time, and it was never proven that actually contains amphetamine, but it’s always good to learn about these negative side effects to the manufacturer or nutritionist.

The price and package

The price is $69.99 per bottle containing 60 capsules.


  • Glutamine
  • Arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate
  • Monohydrate Creatine
  • Beta Alanine
  • Rauwolscine
  • DMAA
  • Aegeline call
  • BCAA
  • Leucine

A weight loss supplement

Fat hit by Muscle Rev Xtreme is one that covers the muscles, subcutaneous, it should be disposed properly in our body. And that burning extra calories is resulting in effective weight loss along with a well-practiced exercise. In addition to weight loss, it ensures more energy to always act progressively in training and racing. The above formulas the current Muscle Rev Xtreme contained in its composition a substance called DMAA, which is similar to amphetamine, and is used today in other products made for weight loss. But now, it is no longer part of the formula.

Currently, Muscle Rev Xtreme formulas are necessarily sold on the orders of the National Health Surveillance Agency without this DMAA because it was proven that its effects could cause reactions such as toxic level changes in the liver, disorders in metabolism, cardiovascular problems such as increased pressure from arteries and heart rate, as well as other changes in the nerve system, producing seizures and panic attacks. Because of this confusion in Brazil, such supplement is imported for domestic consumption.

Its current composition is healthy and strong and has the proper nutrients to fulfill the promise that is weight loss. It contains Rauwolscine, which increases energy, mood and sustains the body for a better well-being after exercise. It helps replenish energy in the breakdown of fat molecules, lipid oxidation. It contains a small percentage of Aegeline call herb that acts by regulating and producing insulin, which normalizes diabetic oxidative stress and neurodegeneration. This herb also helps in the production of histamine, which is an enzyme which acts to reduce appetite, contributing to a good feed.

Muscle Rev Xtreme contains the extract of Hemerocallis fulva flower, which forces the release of fat in the blood stream, so that the body uses it as energy. This process is known as lipolysis. It leads to better smooth muscle relaxation, facilitating blood circulation in the affected areas.

Muscle Rev Xtreme

Effects of Muscle Rev Xtreme

Besides helping faithfully in weight loss, this supplement provides the right fat burning, reduces appetite sharply, controlling urge for food and desire to snack; Also assists in focus and concentration during training, providing enough energy to train and to restore post-workout. Remember that you will never lose weight with any food supplement if you are just making its use. A constant physical activity, such as weight training or racing, and always maintain a balanced diet with favorable supply to release toxins and full of fiber is required. Good luck, you will lose weight!

Muscle Rev Xtreme improves glucose tolerance

One of the most well regarded supplements and approved by people who wish to gain mass and / or weight loss is composed of BCAA as well as being extremely nutritious and generate various health benefits to the body. BCAA is an acronym that stands for Amino Acids Branched Chair, which are leucine, isoleucine and valine. Within our body processes that need such are building muscle, resistance to intense workouts, and even neurological functions such as mood.

They are essential amino acids for the body, but are not produced domestically, so we must consume them through supplementation or food daily. They are important in the muscles as they have the important task of activating protein synthesis, which the creation of the muscle itself. The best known and sought after sources of BCAA are meats in general and the glorious supplement Whey Protein. They are perfect for those knitted therefore avoids catabolism, which constitutes proteins burning to supply the energy needs, thus the BCAA has the effect of slowing this process, keeping firm the muscle fibers and avoiding fatigue.

Another benefit of the Muscle Rev Xtreme is that it has the ability to improve glucose tolerance that many people have, as well as help in the absorption of carbohydrates, helps fight and regulate diabetes. According to studies, it has been proved that Muscle Rev Xtreme helps keep the body in an anabolic state, in constant muscle building and rebuilding due to the presence of rich Leucine which prolongs and enhances this post-training synthesis, easily contributing to increased muscle mass.

Muscle Rev Xtreme increases resistance to muscle fatigue

Research shows that those who consume more Muscle Rev Xtreme daily in their meals have less body fat, then with less weight and less likely to become obese. Again, the Leucine making miracle being able to increase caloric expenditure, improving glucose tolerance and promoting greater fat burning exercises.

Leucine again! Studies have shown that leucine is also able to increase the physical strength gain, allowing steady increase in the weights in the gym, as the muscles strengthen. The Muscle Rev Xtreme increases resistance to muscle fatigue during a workout. Increasing this resistance, one tends to train harder and longer. It also reduces muscle pain, muscle famous hangover after intense exercise. It is also very well suited for those who want to gain muscle mass easily. Most of these people take supplements like whey protein, but we must always be attentive to the percentage of leucine that the product contains, after all it is the most stimulating muscle gain.


Many are seeking beauty, strength and physical performance in food supplements and the Muscle Rev Xtreme is one of the most popular nowadays. But most people who do not want to know which type should consume or even do not know their benefits, thinking only “grow” physically. This so popular supplement among health practitioners is of high quality that comes from it ingredients, containing high biological value and rich source of amino acids, which provide the body with more muscle power capacity, recovery and better cellular construction, and it is rapidly absorbed by the body and be easy to use in day-to-day.

For those who adopt diets for muscle gain, priority is Muscle Rev Xtreme intake daily, and it collaborates with it effectively, especially for those who have difficulty consuming too much protein in the diet. Among the effects of this supplement in the body are remarkable increases in lean mass, aid in recovery of the muscles in muscle fatigue, reducing breakage of the fibers after training as well as acceleration of metabolism for more effective during exercise.

Muscle Rev Xtreme is a relatively new supplement on the market, but quickly became famous because of the many advantages it offers. It is a complete supplement, which has all the amino acids our bodies need daily. Our body produces amino acids, of course, but it is not enough for a noticeable muscle gain and increased income over time, so this supplement is essential in such cases. It is rich natural source of BCAA, which are amino acids that interest you want to gain muscle mass or even athletes to improve on their performances. Such restore and repair muscle tissue damaged or fatigued faster. It is the supplement that our body absorbs faster, even being known as’ fast effect”, reaching slightly to the muscles. So quickly overcomes the proteins found in meat and eggs. It also strengthens the immune system, increasing the body’s levels of glutathione, which is our major antioxidant produced by the cells.

Muscle Rev Xtreme