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Power Growth
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You spend some time strengthening already? And you watch what and when you eat and also consuming what amount of food? Are you interested in news from the field of nutrition and watching the news in the field of supplement also? If you have responded to all or at least most, of these questions is ‘yes’, then you will certainly agree with me that it is quite difficult today, in the flood of all the information and news to understand and choose the best possible option.

Power Growth

Almost every month, read about the new training method, which probably is refuted by the method here, which you’ve read recently. Perhaps also you can read the new information from the field of nutrition, when one almost disproves the other. Of course, I can’t forget the new supplements, whether in the form of protein drinks, a product that will help you gain muscle mass or, conversely, to drop excess pounds.

You lose in such amount of information? It is not surprising and you don’t have to worry about, that you were the only ones. This problem is faced by many athletes. The aim of the present article is to familiarize you with the Power Growth and introduce special tips to increase muscle mass, which is worth trying. Feel free to experiment with the intake of this supplement. Never forget, however, adequate consumption of protein.

Power Growth after workouts for fast muscle growth

Even if you’re a recently started, so you definitely have heard that supplement after a workout is the most important of all meals throughout the day. And the more in if you want to gain muscle mass. After training, the body is able to use the maximum nutrients that you deliver it. Muscle cells waiting for the supply of nutrients and can meet with the indication “after the training window”. At this time the body is like a “sponge” everything in that moment you ship. Power Growth has the ability to take advantage of larger amounts of nutrients than any other time of day.

“Window” but it closes every minute of waiting on the supply of nutrients. So don’t miss this unique moment! Power Growth should be supplied no later than two hours after the end of the workout, but if you do this before, so it will be much better. The optimum is when you include a lighter meal of 20 – 30 minutes after the end of the exercise. To do this, you might want to take the Power Growth can help you grow. Note that; only consume this supplement after training when your muscles need as quickly as possible to replenish the exhausted glycogen. And because this supplement now appropriate — it get quickly into the blood stream, on which the body responds to increased insulin production, and it is at this time well and it should be your goal.

Insulin is a hormone that stock, decides how many carbohydrates and amino acids will be sent to the muscles. Increased production of insulin reduces the stress hormone, which is due to the actual training. Instant delivery of Power Growth immediately after exercise can have anabolic (growth) and catabolic effects. About 2 hours after the first supplement after the training should be followed by further additions of nutrients, and so that you should consume more nutrients.

Power Growth – A source of essencial nutrients

Protein – if you hold a theory first carbohydrates, then protein, so this theory, try to leave. It is not entirely correct, and he has been repeatedly refuted. In fact it is shown, that the food prepared as from carbohydrates, protein after a workout at the same time, it is better. The amount of protein will be as for the crabs on your weight. If you rely on supplements, the most recommended after training source of nutrients is Power Growth. This resource will give your body the great nutrients in a very short period of time, they have an excellent absorption capacity and their role is therefore more efficient than, for example, in the case of protein from meat or eggs. This protein is degraded by the amino acids in the body at a slow pace. Amino acids coming into the bloodstream of muscle and good timing are available just in the course of the training.

Supplements – their income after practice to limit to a minimum. It namely slows digestion and emptying of the stomach. Power Growth will provide important nutrients into the blood with a delay, the rising value of insulin are reduced and thus its effect, about which we learn the information in the preceding paragraph. A proper dose of Power Growth before and after your workout is very important. It has the task not only to fulfill the need of nutrients caused by training, but it is also important for optimal storage and utilization of carbohydrates. Consider both before and after your workout. The difference of weight loss you need to add supplement. For optimum storage of carbohydrate take yet about two pills every day.

Power Growth


  • Leucine
  • Glutamine
  • Edistinu
  • Citrulline Malate
  • L-Norvaline
  • L-Arginine
  • Casein
  • BCAA
  • Creatine

Power Growth protects muscle mass

It is already many years considered one of the main dietary supplements not only bodybuilders but for all athletes. Why? Their unique position among the most indispensable (essential) amino acids based on their involvement in the energy metabolism of muscle. They are not only “simple” part of muscle proteins, although their share is 35 percent, but during muscle work very intensively used and exploited as a source of energy. The less we have carbohydrates for muscle activity, the more it grows their consumption.

If Power Growth is accepted as a nutritional supplement and is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly they get to their destination – i.e. muscles. Because it does not burden the digestion, it is possible to proceed to their application just prior training and during and of course after its completion. Protection of muscle mass – that could be very concisely expressed the fundamental importance of supplementation.

If athletes missing Power Growth for muscle protein degradation and protein synthesis is impossible – hence their creation! There is therefore no coincidence that it contains even quadruple leucine compared to the other two branched amino acids, isoleucine and valine, therefore – this is clearly stressed its importance. The addition of the amino acid glutamine boosts the effect of Power Growth. Its need increases with intensive training many times, so the organism often suffers from its lack, especially if we restrict carbohydrate intake (dieting). Glutamine is essential for the immunity of the body, because it is a direct nutrition for white blood cells, but also for enterocytes – the cells of the digestive tract. Stress, training, illness, injuries … these are all difficult situations have an increased need for supplement. Instant powdered form of the supplement shows unique advantages over tablets or capsules, because it is quickly and easily soluble and, of course, does not burden the digestive tract.

Power Growth has all essential amino acids

The main benefit of the native form of this supplement is high content of enzymes, bioactive fractions, fiber and omega-3 fats. Each dose contains as an optimal combination of proteins, essential fats and fiber. It is produced in the United Kingdom contains no THC, and therefore this product is absolutely safe for all consumers. Power Growth has a complete set of nutrients in native form (cold working), which contains all essential amino acids. It contains 65% edistinu – this is the highest percentage achieved among all proteins of plant origin. Edistin has a similar molecular structure as the plasma proteins.

It is easy to digest and does not cause intestinal toxemia. It has beneficial effects on the pH balance of the body and does not cause catabolic hyperacidity. It is a rich source of omega-3 and dietary fiber. With each dose with a full body receives essential nutrients.

Power Growth already offers a wide range of pre-work stimulants; it is exceptional but its composition. Thanks to it, a more NO, and thus of course increases the efficiency of the supplement and extends with its action. The effect can be observed from the very beginning of the exercise. Vasodilatation occurs to maximize blood flow and supplying the muscle with oxygen and nutrients – that is already known effect of NO. Thanks to the destination easily gets the other component of this product, and branched chain amino acids, which are among other essential amino acids privileged position – protect their muscle mass during training. The big bonus of Power Growth is that it enhances and accelerates the absorption.

Power Growth – High quality ingredients at cheap price

It will be a series that will be characterized by the use of exceptionally high quality ingredients at an affordable price. In production, there is only used the proven materials with minimal additives. Power Growth provides the body only of top quality nutrients for growth performance and therefore does not contain cheap and unnecessarily complex form of elements. This is a basic supplement of extraordinary quality. There is used high quality CFM concentrate from Holland, it is a fully instant product made by Volactive. Power Growth is undenatured, and therefore biologically active. During seasoning, we used a combination of modern sweeteners, namely a mixture of sucralose. To improve the already excellent digestibility, it is the addition of digestive enzymes and probiotic fiber inulin. This is a good and simple composition.

Under this completely new supplement that immediately delivers unique nutrients thanks to the latest production technology CFM (crossover flow microfiltration through ceramic filters). The production process is entirely physical and in this way, it has the highest biological value. With almost 80% pure Citrulline Malate and minimum undesirable lactose and milk fat provides its consumers with superior quality. Amino acids of the best optimal spectrum come through the bloodstream to the muscles and are immediately used for the regeneration and creation of muscles – nothing more, nothing better can you ask for! Not only technology, but also to control its quality corresponds to the level of twenty-first century – far not every manufacturer can boast “International Food Standard” (IFS), which leads to unconditional implementation of good manufacturing and hygienic practices. Well, no wonder, for in the same factory to produce baby food and baby – and it must conform to the strictest criteria!

Bottom line: the latest technology and quality assurance of production, the highest biological value of supplement without impurities and perfect digestibility. These are just the basic parameters of this undoubtedly great product Power Growth. The use after training presents completely stray already a standard procedure, but why not before training and after waking up in the morning? Never – colloquially speaking – in his use of “go wrong”, and if you regularly and consistently use Power Growth, so the result will be your maximum satisfaction!


All who are interested in the power sports, certainly already met with the concept of pre-workout and post-workout drink. The countless studies have investigated the influence of Power Growth on rate of protein synthesis, regeneration of muscle tissue, glycogen super compensation, changes in forces etc. However, I am not aware that the survey was carried out concerning the effect of Power Growth on the cardiovascular system. This, however, focused on the impact of the aforementioned supplementation on cardiovascular system and fat content in the body.

Double-blind study involved 29 healthy men who already had experience with strengthening for at least one year and regularly trained with a frequency of at least 3 times a week. Four weeks prior to the study all existing planted supplementation (except multivitamin preparations, if it is received). The training program was scheduled for six weeks and participants were divided into two groups – control and experimental, which took two multi-component supplements. These supplements include casein, BCAA, creatine, β-alanine and L-arginine. The protein content in the supplement was 18 g before training or after training 20 g. The drink was consumed 15 minutes before training and another dose immediately after training. The control group consumed the same time isocaloric drink containing maltodextrin.

Researchers have studied, inter alia, supplementation effect mainly on blood pressure, heart rate, change in body composition, and various biochemical parameters of health status. The study results showed distinct changes in body composition.

Power Growth

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