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Nowadays in the market, there are really lots and lots of products and it is not going to be easy to navigate. This article should help you in choosing the best and most effective for power triathlon. Frankly, you can go through the toughest workouts have a perfect diet, getting enough sleep, but sometimes it just is not enough. At this moment we started the scene quality supplements that promote not only your recovery, but also the actual performance.


A different supplement from most competition

The supplement producing sports nutrition that our market has not even properly warmed up, while we right from the start offering an excellent product. The way RevTest is different from most competition. I mean not very extensive portfolio products, but makes good sense, and each product has its own significance. We give importance to quality presentation and a large team of world-renowned athletes who do mark an important promotion.

In the case of pre-workout supplement but it is all the more understandable and can be useless wonder, since ratios are substances in the functionality of these options is crucial. Yet RevTest is the basic content of active ingredients, at least in this picture.

The composition of RevTest is unique in several aspects. The first content of substances is BCAA, Creapure, Con-Cret Creatine, beta-alanine, citrulline malate are very promising combination and quantity of these substances is so high that one of the few pre-workout, does not contradict the recommended doses for performance athletes featured scientific studies. The contents of pure, high-quality forms of creatine can also be attributed to the good.

It is one of the few before training products which contain active substances such as beta-alanine, creatine, BCAA, citrulline malate, AKG and further, in an amount that makes sense and probably the only product that contains a raw material with many marks guaranteeing a certain cleanness and quality. For instance, the difference between regular creatine monohydrate and creatine Creapure can be as abysmal.

Effects of RevTest

Its onset is very fast. You will feel the effect after about 3-5 minutes after ingestion. “Energy rush” is mainly in the morning so strong that not going to practice is suddenly a problem. The moment you get into the gym and touch the “iron” comes the next level of its effects. Focus completely on one thing: maximum efficiency, precision and intensity of your workout. The level of concentration and shifting performance boundaries get a proper assault Grads. Assault lets your body get the absolute maximum. You will not want to make a pause, do not want to wait until someone releases a machine or a barbell, you will not want to stop, you will not want away from the gym.

You will in the gym feel so great throughout the one month usage, just like the RevTest. Exercising with it is just different, and that in the best sense. The flow of endorphins after-training is then very desirable feeling at that very quickly creates dependency. RevTest is, in my opinion currently the best and most suitable mainly pre workout product on the market. You should not notice any negative effects that are typical for similar supplements such as distractibility, restlessness extending to unpleasant effects on the psyche or nausea. Yet throughout the usage time you will feel good. You can compare it to a state of intoxication inside.

Training with the RevTest has the potential to be very hard and tiring for the body. To take advantage we need to provide the body with good diet and appropriate dose, as this will significantly enhance the final effect. Its difference from other pre-workout supplements lies in the effect of increased concentration instead of the typical effects of volatility, which causes more opposite. Someone, however, this effect might suit you. It can energize greatly, but its strength lies primarily in the effective improvement of physical and mental performance data. At first time use, you will notice an increase in physical capabilities. You can divert training at a higher intensity with larger weights and condition of exhaustion was delayed. You will watch noticeably faster blood flow to the muscles and the associated significant muscle volume. Its effect moreover accumulated during usage. Best trainings typically start after about 14 days of use, and therefore it is recommended to take two packs per cycle, and then you put two to three weeks break due to increased tolerance to caffeine contained.


  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract
  • Di-Indolylmethane
  • Fenugreek Extract
  • BCAA
  • Creapure
  • Con-Cret Creatine
  • Beta-alanine
  • Citrulline malate
  • AKG
  • L-glutamine

The price and package

One bottle has 60 capsules and it is available for $4.95 as 14 day trial and then $84.63 for each bottle.


How to take RevTest?

Since the test period was longer than one month, there are various experiments and variations of dosage. Here are some hints and tips which appear as a result of a review.

1.) Gives the strongest kick in the morning on an empty stomach. Just half dose to achieve the same effect as in the evening at ¾ doses up all over.

2.) The dosage depends on body weight and it is therefore necessary to adapt accordingly. You may be most satisfied with half dose in the morning and ¾ in evening. In both cases, you can use about one dose during training.

3.) I recommend better take RevTest with about 400-550 ml of water. And do not worry, you will not have a problem so much to take at a time.

4.) It only means that allows you to workout harder. Without a routine, it is completely useless. Put into practice as much as the boundaries have shifted considerably with it. Feel free to use it at full capacity.

5.) Best results with this supplement reached in the following dosage:

– Two capsules with 400 ml of water 20 minutes before (in the case morning training)

– Two capsules with 500 ml of water 20 minutes before (in the case of training evening)

– In both cases, include 40 grams of dextrose in 650 ml of water to sip during training

6.) In the period, taking RevTest , it is suggested to take another dietary supplement to support post-workout recovery. Conveniently but serve as whey hydrolyzate, or at least to isolate with added dextrose immediately after training. Also not to be underestimated night nutrition for muscle regeneration. Why does all this say? Trainings with this supplement have the potential to be very hard and tiring for the body.

A quick source of amino acids

It is quality brand with a certain mystery that surrounds entire workout. Let’s be honest. It is a new brand, and goes through certain “birth” complications that will need to sort out. This product will probably accompany certain purity and simplicity, which is essentially also the leitmotiv of the entire current production and, in particular labels. Yet here let me turn. For this supplement, we will have to accustom. Their appearance is original and for me personally sympathetic.

The composition of RevTest is treated by microfiltration, but it is not at all a bad thing, this procedure can be evaluated very positively. Producer does not set unnecessarily elements with cheap raw materials from a variety of collagen hydrolyzate, soya etc. It is a pure concentrate processed by CFM. This method ensures the separation of protein fractions without the undesired protein penetration. The elements are prepared by filtration with the aid of ceramic filter and separated at low temperatures. The treated supplement is very easily absorbed; it has a high biological value and utility. The actual dose progresses rapidly digestion, the majority of which lasts up to 3 hours according to the amounts of ingested material. As is tradition, it is more suited to a time when you need to quickly deliver proteins and amino acids – building materials of your muscle fibers.

The last item in the composition of the product is L-glutamine. According to the amino acid spectrum, we can assume that the free L-glutamine in the fixture basically can not find a reason why there should still be included separately.

RevTest improves sexual function

It acts as the main bio-active anabol cyclic hormone controlling almost all biological processes. However, this supplementation may affect the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats as well as protein synthesis in the human body. Influence on the formation of muscle mass is sufficiently proven. It is observed a positive response, particularly in the first three days. When administered RevTest, people diagnosed with infertility increased ability copulation and sperm quality. It proved justified in patients in the recovery phase following myocardial infarction and was also used to improve sexual function.

It stimulates the production of proteins and build new muscle mass. Another effect is increased production of high-energy structures, which uses the human body to meet the energy needs during short workouts, an increase in the amount of nucleic acids and increases glycogen. The theoretical result of these allegations could be an extension of a series of work, together with an increase in the volume of muscle. Furthermore, the extension of endurance performance in 30 minutes totally delays fatigue. Of course there is an increase in lean muscle mass.

It can stimulate muscle mass. For this claim there is enough verifiable evidence. It should stimulate protein synthesis in the body. Therefore combine it with the use of high biological value. Most experts and scientists dealing with food supplements assumed that the best is to use RevTest with a subsequent increase to a dose of 2 capsules per day. Then again decreases up to the dose of 1 capsule followed by discontinuation. You can also meet with cycling supplement. The daily dose of this effect is from 5 to 10 mg dose per 1 kg body weight. Taking supplement for four weeks, then repeat the dose of the same amount after two weeks rest.

RevTest application beyond power sports

It additionally contains natural digestive enzymes bromelain and papain. These additives should eliminate potential problems with digestion. Furthermore, RevTest premix basic vitamins and mineral materials. Bromelain helps break down substances of protein. Similar function has papain; its use in the preparations is thus quite appropriate and should be for all manufacturers become a sort of folklore. Unfortunately, this is currently not yet available.

The impressive effects of RevTest heard almost everyone who has ever visited the fitness center. I dare say that its reputation is more than justified; it has had an incredibly wide range of applications, which of course extends to the area of power sports. As a side effect of the power-oriented practitioners can be considered as an increase in muscle mass, which, however, some athletes certainly welcome. The primary effect, however, I find that it can increase the maximum power for one repetition, enabling us to serve even more performance. Generally, the effects of this supplement are on more effective in the short-term stress, thus just right for us. It also delays muscle fatigue and exhaustion, thus permitting us to train longer and more efficiently. Finally it offers organism usable energy during strength training.

Take it always with either dose of fast carbs, or after a meal, which as we increase the absorption of supplement by the influence of insulin action (among other things, the largest absorption is right after a workout, when its reserves depleted, but should be administered with a certain amount of simple sugars that induce insulin response). It is also important to ensure sufficient fluid intake as it binds at each water.


RevTest is currently in all aspects of arguably the best pre-workout product is legally available in the country. Honest composition containing the active ingredients of high quality and especially in amounts that support the recommendations of the results of scientific studies, make this product unique product not only in our market. In addition, you get all this for a very decent price, because the raw materials used in the purchase separately, you come out even more expensive (some of which are not available to us).

It is a product that you can use all the time. Conversely, exercises with it have a valuable experience. It will surpass my expectations and you will have no other choice than to all those who want to squeeze the most out of your body to recommend all ten.


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